Quality Management

Burma Bacon Supplies quality management system has been established in accordance with the HACCP principles and cover the company’s own control system. The internal control system covers the entire process from raw materials to finished products.

Hygiene at our factories complies with the most rigorous requirements in the market and is based on our own and our customers high standards.

Hygiene requirements cover the design of the buildings, production processes, working garments, attitudes and behaviour, and cleaning procedures.

Working in conjunction with an internationally recognised UKAS accredited laboratory Burma Bacon carries out microbiological and chemical analysis of it’s products to produce the best products possible.

Senior Management Commitment & Continual Improvement

The Company’s Senior Management demonstrate they are fully committed to the implemenetation of the requirements of the SALSA Standards. This includes provision of adequate resources, effective communication, systems of review and actions taken to effect continual improvement. Opportunities for improvement shall be identified, implemented and fully documented.

Quality Management System: General Requirements

Burma Bacon Supplies has a documented Quality Management System that has been implemented for a number of years. This system has been maintained and developed and is continually being improved. The Quality Management System is documented, fully implemented, maintained and reviewed and as appropriate revised.

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